Ivatsevichy Historic and Regional Studies Museum

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The main activity of the Ivatsevichy Historic and Regional Studies Museum is aimed at studying the history of the region, its features and the ability to convey these features to each visitor and reveal their originality.

Therefore, during the year, the museum holds:

  • exhibitions of painting, photo exhibitions and exhibitions of arts and crafts with showing master classes;
  • thematic exhibitions reflecting the history of the native land;
  • museum and pedagogical classes;
  • literary and musical compositions;
  • lectures;
  • quest excursion to the historical places of the Ivatsevichi;
  • an interactive excursion to the museum's branch - the memorial complex of partisan glory "Khovanshchina";
  • and etc.

Also, research work is being carried out, materials are studied from printed sources, in the archives of the Brest Regional Museum of Local Studies and in the museums of the Brest Fortress. The collected material is used for the preparation and conduct of various events: both within the framework of the museum's activities, and within the framework of the "Watch of Memory", to perpetuate the memory of the defenders of the Fatherland and the victims of wars in the Ivatsevichi region.

The club of historical reconstruction "Two Wars", created on the basis of the museum, takes an active part in various regional military-historical festivals-reconstruction.

Our museum is constantly in the stage of development and search for new forms of work, which implies close cooperation with masters of folk art and amateur artists of the region.

Every year the Ivatsevichy Historic and Regional Studies Museum joins the international action "Night of Museums", offering residents interesting forms of leisure.

We invite you on excursions!

The doors of our museum are always open for those who are looking for vivid impressions of communicating with the living history of the Ivatsevichi region!