Ivatsevichy Historic and Regional Studies Museum

The Ivatsevichi Local History Museum is in the stage of development and the search for new forms of work, collaborating with craftsmen and amateur artists of the district. The result of cooperation is the organization of exhibitions of paintings, photo exhibitions, arts and crafts with a demonstration of master classes.Museum held: quest-tour of historical places of Ivatsevichi; an interactive tour in the branch of the museum - the memorial complex of the partisan glory “Khovanshchina” “Partisan paths to Victory”; Every year, the museum joins the International Action “Museum Night”, offering residents interesting forms of leisure activities. One of the more interesting and unique project of the museum is an interactive action with the reconstruction of military events of the Great Patriotic War “One day from the life of a partisan detachment”, which takes place on the territory of the branch of the museum - the memorial complex “Khovanshchina” in a forest tract near the village of Korochin, Ivatsevichi district.